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Corsica: a walking and cycling adventure on the Isle of Beauty

A Corsica walking tour or a Corsica cycling trip on the French "Ile de Beauté"

The history of Corsica

Tumultuous would be the word that best defines Corsican history. The islands strategic position in the Mediterranean made it a target for both corsairs and pirates who ravaged the settlements of the island. Then came the identity war, with disputes between France, Genoa, Aragon and Italy as the island was claimed successively by different European nations. The identity war then became political with the Corsicans in uproar against the ruling of their island which led to the rise of the famous Corsican, Pasquale Paoli, who fought for the independence of the island. Corsica eventually became French in 1796. The history of this island has helped to create a unique character and lifestyle, with locals who are fiercely protective and proud of their island, culture and language.

Why is Corsica a perfect destination for a walking or cycling holiday?

Corsica has been nicknamed ‘the Island of Beauty’ and the moniker is very fitting! It is a place of natural and wild beauty, unspoilt by mass tourism, a bit like an unpolished diamond, in that it is a bit rough around the edges but so incredibly beautiful. With a mountainous core, wild nature parks, protected vegetation (the ‘maquis’), stunning white sand beaches, turquoise waters, hidden creeks and coves and picture postcard villages, it is an ideal playground for a Corsica walking stay or cycling tour of Corsica.  

An ever-present culture

The Corsicans are a very proud population and protective of their island. It is down to sheer determination on their part that the island has not become ‘victim’ to mass tourism (no high-rise beachfront buildings for example). When enjoying a walking holiday or cycling holiday in Corsica, you will hear the Corsican language being spoken, through song and chants and discover that the locals are keen to share their passion and customs with you.

A somewhat challenging walking and cycling trip

Corsica boasts a hilly and mountainous landscape and the scenery is wild and stunning. We class our Corsica walking tours and Corsica cycling trips as ‘moderate to challenging’ and you do need some experience in either sport to fully appreciate the island. The itineraries are fairly long, walking or cycling for a good part of the day and in the heat with little (from late May to September) and on uneven and rocky terrain. You get to explore valleys, waterfalls, gorges, nature parks, beaches and typical villages.  

Great food

France is famous for the quality of its “cuisine” and food in general and in Corsica, you won’t be disappointed. If you enjoy “charcuterie” (cured meat), then Corsica is the culinary destination for you! Try the famous figatellu, lonzu or prisuttu and indulge in some local cheese!

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