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Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
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Corsica: a walking and cycling adventure on the Isle of Beauty

Corsica: A Corsica walking tour or a Corsica cycling trip on the French "Ile de Beauté"

The beauty island is a wonderful place to walk through: unlike any other regions of France, Corsica has always maintained their unique identity and customs, surrounded by an exquisite natural greenery and landscape. You are certain, during a Corsica walking or cycling holiday, to be amazed by this island!

Why is Corsica a perfect destination for hikers and cyclists? 

1. The beauty island, it is not a legend

In between the coast of both Italy and France, the island is a gem located in the middle of the Mediterranean see. This unpolished diamond is so amazing that the French nicknamed Napoleon’s homeland “L’Ile de beauté”, the beauty island. Thanks to its mountainous core and its incredible beaches of white sand and turquoise blue water, this island makes you want to live there. Thanks to the Monte Cinto, highest Corsican peak, the islands offer a wonderful playground for hikers!

2. A hiking and cycling challenge

Thanks to its hilly and mountainous landscape, Corsica is a great place to enjoy walking tours and cycling tours. If you are not afraid of being challenged, a Corsica walking stay or a Corsica cycling tour is definitely made for you. The landscape allows the hikers and cyclist to receive a reward after having walked or cycled for hours: incredible viewpoints of the surrounding mountains and valleys, waterfalls and the many animals that live in the untouched nature of this island. Enjoy cycling on some of the most scenic roads in Corsica, that will allow you to cross some typical and picturesque Corsican village, an authentic example of the Corsica day to day life, on a top notch bike! 

3. Great food

France is famous for the quality of its “cuisine” and food in general. If you really like “charcuterie” (cold cuts/meat), Corsica is famous for their charcuterie specialties. The famous figatellu, lonzu or prisuttu are definitely charcuterie to try when hiking across the island. Alike the charcuterie, Corsica is also famous for its cheeses!

4. An ever-present culture

The Corsicans are a very proud population, especially proud of their exclusive culture: their famous Corsican chants, their language, their customs and their unique way of living are experiences to look for when discovering the island. This island is as beautiful as their Corsicans’ culture: the pride that they show and the will that they have to preserve and maintain this culture is moving as for example, they do their best to share their knowledge and language with the younger generations.

5. Outstanding cities and villages:

From the North to the South of the island, Corsica has many differents and beautiful medieval villages: in fact, they are remains of the turbulent past of this island, caught in between several powerful kingdoms. With the likes of Calvi, Bonifacio, Ajaccio and Bastia, there is a lot to discover: walking through their narrow and colourful streets is quite an experience! 

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