Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Experience local: An adventure on the best cycling roads !
Experience local: An adventure on the best hiking paths !

Our team of experts !

We are the experts of walking & cycling holidays! 

Our team is a group of 12 people, from different backgrounds and nationalities. From England to Austrian Brazil, we have 2 offices

  • 1 office is based in in Avignon in France
  • 1 office is based in Portugal
  • We put together our ideas, strengths and characters to create, what we believe, to be authentic, unique and unforgettable walking and cycling trips
  • We all enjoy sport (some slightly more than others!). Take the time to have a read below and get to know us! 

Team members


Originally from Strasburg in the north of France, Emmanuel is a serial entrepreneur! After having created several companies over the years, he founded Intura driven by his passion for hiking and cycling. Approachable and a very present figure in the office he oversees the company's actions and ensures that the quality of our service remains perfect! 

He likes: rock-climbing!

Isabelle: isabelle

If you have heard the famous Toto song « Africa » you know what goes on in Isabelle’s heart. During her trip to Senegal she fell in love with the country and the continent and decided to settle in South Africa where she held her first job in Tourism. After two years, she headed up north to Namibia, where she met her husband. Mother of two and back in France, she kept on working in tourism and discovered the Portuguese isles (Madeira, the Azores and Portuguese speaking Cape-Verde), of which she is now an expert!

She likes: having a laugh! 


Born in Provence, in the South of France, she grew up in a family of keen rock climbers and spent many a weekend or holiday walking in Provence. A passionate and experienced hiker, she has travelled throughout the world and knows all of our destinations like the back of her hand.  She is your first contact when you drop us an email or call us. She's ever so friendly! 

She likes: dark chocolate, especially with raspberries in it!


Born in France but Portuguese by adoption, he fell in love with the country when he was studying history & now spends a great deal of time in Portugal. He has been a tour leader since 1999 and guided and created walking and cycling tours in Brazil, Sao Tomé, Cape-Verde, in the Sahara Desert, Cameroon, Oman, Portugal and many more countries!

He likes: eating "Comté" cheese and percussion music !


Austrian-born Sonja is one of our most-active team members. She is the one who prospects some of our most valued partners and is always on the look out for a hidden gem, something that will make your trip that little bit more extraordinary. Passionate about what we do here at Intura, Sonja is often out and about, walking or cycling on our trails. Mother of two, dedicated to her job, you know that you are in safe hands when she creates your walking or cycling holiday.                                                                         

She likes:  yoga and good food & wine!


A proud mother of two, born in London and raised in Norfolk (UK), Martha has lived in the French Alps, then in Brittany, to finally settle in Provence.  Fluent in French as she has been living in France since 2007, she is the one in contact with our partners and books your accommodation, restaurants, transfers and other activities. She takes care of your Provence walking or cycling holiday from start to finish. 

She likes: a nice (large) glass of wine!


Normand- born but now living in the South of France, she wandered across the globe and spent a couple of years in Australia, New-Zealand and Canada where she was able to perfect her English. Always smiling, somewhat spontaneous and with an infectious laugh, this young mother of a little girl brings her happiness into your travel.  

She likes : travelling and jokes!