Our Provence ornithology tours

Is birdwatching one of your favourite activities ? Have a look at Intura’s ornithology tours in some of the best bird observation destinations ! whether it is in the sun draped Provence, in the Camargues Regional Nature Park where some hundreds of thousands of birds nest and reproduce before migrating southwards, to Africa. Very famous for its incredible amount of flamingoes that stop in this iconic wetland. Around its many swamps where greater flamingoes nestle, as the supply with salt water perfect for them to find the food they need, you will have the chance to observe thanks to many cabins the incredible amount of bird species, without disturbing the large colonies of Herons, egrets, terns, gulls, avocet, greater flamingoes, cranes, Penduline tits and many more ! A must for people who want to discover Provence thanks to an ornithology tour

Thanks to intura, you will discover these birdwatching destinations thanks to our tours, created by our team of Track finders – experts of the destinations – that have selected the best walking paths and birdwatching spots in the destination. Our ornithologist selected these destinations for their exceptionnal richness in terms of bird species, so that your Provence ornithology tour become one of your best birdwatching experience !