Our ornithology tours

Is birdwatching a passion for you? Discovering some of the rarest species of birds in some of the best walking destinations sounds good to you? Well check out Intura’s ornithology tours in several of our great destinations. From what is certainly one of the most famous wetlands for the birdwatching enthusiast in Provence, the famous Camargues, that becomes the home for a few months to one of the biggest flocks of Greater flamingos thanks to its unique environment. Not only it is home to migrating colonies of birds, it is also a living haven for a rich variety of species such as herons, egrets, terns, avocets, gulls, Penduline tits and cranes. Thanks to how the Camargues regional park functions, you will have the opportunity to observe this rich variety without disturbing them. A definite birdwatching experience! 


Another great destination as for Ornithology holidays is Madeira. The Pearl of the Atlantic, located in the middle of the ocean, is for many flocks of birds a well-deserved resting spot on their long and tiring migration across the ocean. The "Flower island" is therefore also a "Bird island" on which you will be able to watch several species of petrels, ring ouzels, buzzards, kestrels, grey wagtails and many more.

Our Track finders – experts of the destinations – travel across our destinations to find the best ornithology tours. Helped by our ornithologist, our ornithology tours are the best birdwatching tours in the destinations. Mix incredible scenery, exciting walks and great birdwatching opportunities to enjoy what would be your best ornithology tour with Intura.