Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Experience local: An adventure on the best cycling roads !
Experience local: An adventure on the best hiking paths !

Our partners

Over the years, Intura became increasingly famous with both professionals and customers, as our way of creating our tours is different from most of our competitors. More than being just resellers, we actually create from scratch all our walking and cycling tours. We have focused our activity on destinations where we believe there is a great walking and cycling potential, and where you will experience a genuine and authentic walk or ride in the destination, far from the tourist radar.

Our team of Track Finders, experts of the destination, travelled across these destinations to make sure to find the best walking and cycling routes so that you enjoy your active holiday adventure to the fullest. With their knowledge of the destinations, and with the help of local guides, they have written with extreme precision our detailed roadbooks for those who will be doing a self-guided tour. If you ever have a doubt, you can always call us on our 24/7 assistance phone line.

Thanks to our vision of walking and cycling tours, we have had the chance to have thousands of customers!

We have also had the chance to work with great companies, with whom we have been able to develop strong partnerships, that have for some been for years. It is the case with National Geographic, Mountain travel Sobek “M.T.S”, Vandra, Terre d’Aventure “Terdav”, K.E. Travel…and many more! 

If you have any question about Intura, our story and our products, please feel free to drop us a line here!