Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
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  • March 11, 2021
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Visit Portugal all year around !

  •  Spring is particularly favorable to discover the natural and cultural wonders of Portugal. But the small summer of Saint Martin (early November) which sees the plants blooming after the dry season or the "winter" period, benefiting from the Azores anticyclone are particularly bright.
  • From January, the almond trees cover the countryside with their beautiful flowers, reminiscent of the snow that covers much of Europe at the same time. In the markets or in the orchards, flowers and fruits are de rigueur throughout the year.

Algarve: the jewel of South Portugal

  •  At the bow of the continent, the Algarve is a southern region privileged by geography and history. Its mild climate, which has the particularity of having "three springs", has always seduced people. The Moorish kingdom of "Al-Gharb" was for more than five centuries a rich intellectual center which became, after the Reconquest, the starting point of the Great Portuguese discoveries towards other continents.

  • This rich past is inscribed on the walls of the small white villages or in the streets of the emblematic cities of Monchique or Sagres.

  • From the wild Mediterranean hinterland to the cliffs and coves of the Natural Park of the Vincentine Coast, passing through the granite and forest massif of Monchique, you will discover a region surprising by its diversity, its beauty and its authenticity.


The bread basket of Portugal

  •  No billboards, few cars... The Alentejo is the image of an unchanging hilly countryside, crisscrossed by rivers and covered with lakes where limed stone villages, guardians of age-old traditions, stand out. The number of centuries-old trees that cover the Alentejan hills is impressive: olive trees, cypresses, almond trees and especially cork oaks, the king of the region.

The beautiful city of Evora

  •  The city of Evora, classified as a Unesco heritage site, has an exceptional architectural heritage that makes it the pearl of Alentejo.

  • The perched village of Monsaraz overlooks the Alqueva, the largest European lake and is one of the most beautiful sites in the country. Numerous prehistoric megaliths, Roman monuments, fortresses and medieval monasteries spring from the landscape, giving a historical depth to this region that is as unknown as it is surprising and endearing.

And Lisbon the eternal

  •  At the beginning or at the end of these trips, the unavoidable Lisbon, which spreads out on its hills along the majestic Tagus estuary.

  • And a real plus: during these walking and cycling trips concocted off the beaten track, you will be able to verify that Portuguese hospitality is not a legend...