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Corte, a hike in the historic Corsican capital city

A self-guided walking holiday in Corsica: exploring the cultural city of Corte

The city of Corte is located at an altitude of 450 metres above sea level, in the centre of Corsica in the majestic mountain chain that spreads across the island. Corte is a city with an important historical background as it was the capital city during the Corsican independence between 1755 and 1794. The instigator, Pascal Paoli, installed the government headquarters at the National Palace. Today, a bronze statue of Paoli stands proudly in Paoli square and the Paoli university, the only university on the island, opened in 1981 and welcomes over 4 000 students – over half the population of the city!

Corte has an authentic feel. The small streets are adorned with old houses that lead up to the fortified citadel perched on a rocky spur and boasting stunning views over the city and the confluence of the three rivers : the Restonica, the Tavignanu and the Orta. Corte is a young and vibrant city, overflowing with bars and restaurants to cater for the students and for the visitors like yourselves, enjoying a walking tour of Corsica! We highly recommend sampling some famous Corsican delicacies such as cured meats, honey and goat’s cheese.

Walking in Corsica: through the mountains and valleys around Corte

The scenery around Corte is, quite simply, breathtaking. Whilst you may be a fair distance from the coast, the beauty of the inland hikes is incredible. Enjoy a Corsica walking trip through the rocky Restonica valley up to Lake Melo (alt.1711m), a peaceful place for a picnic and an ideal swimming spot. For the more experienced hikers, you can continue up to the stunning Lake Capitello (alt 1930m). Please note that it is a challenging walk with some scrambling and ladder climbing along the way.   You can also experience a hiking day through the wonderfully wild and deep Tavignano gorges, with some of the most dramatic scenery in the whole of Corsica and enjoy a swim in the emerald green waters.

For your walking holiday in Corsica, Corte offers a wonderful mix of city comfort with a choice of hotels and restaurants and exciting and challenging hikes in truly spectacular and wild terrain just a few kilometres outside of the city.

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