What to see on your Azores walking holiday

Have a look at Intura’s walking trips in the Azores to discover how it is an amazing and diverse active holiday destination: across the 9 islands that make up for this Portuguese archipelago, you will experience a walk on volcanic islands that have their very own endemic vegetation, as if it was another planet. If you are looking for a destination where you can experience several types of terrains, challenge yourself or enjoy a more relaxed walk, your Azores walking tour should just hit the spot : droplets of land in the immensity of the ocean, these volcanic islands are to be explore by foot to fully understand the land, its soil, its vegetation, its people and customs. A hiker’s playground!

Discovered in the early 14th century, it was not before the 15th century that the first humans set foot of the pristine islands of the Azores: indeed, before the first settlers, these islands were not home to any inhabitants. Top destination to emigrate for many Portuguese settlers, orignially from the Portuguese region of Alentejo and to many Flemish people, these islands have developped thanks to farming and cattle, whaling and fishery and more recently, tourism.

Spread across several hundreds of kilometres these islands are a real treat: history, greenery and wonderful walks! An Azores walking trip is a one of a kind experience! 


What to see in Pico?

The island of Pico, home of the highest summit of the Azores and Portugal, the Pico Volcano, that rises at over 2341 metres above sea level, is a marvellous island that you can discover thanks to the numerous hikes possible: from the plain of the Achada where you go by many lava cones and through a dense forest, to the Gruta das tores, many lava tubes that spread over 5km! This island is perfect for hiking!


What about Terceira?

One of the emblematic islands of the Azores, Terceira is a wild a hilly island perfect for hiking! From the fields, protected by high stone walls to Angra do Heroismo, the historic capital of the Azores and a UNESCO world heritage site. Between culture and nture, Terceira is a wonderful island!


Flores, the flower island

The flower island is the most occidental island of the archipelago. Thanks to its position in the Atlantic, this island is certainly the greenest one: thanks to the ambient humidity - around 80% of air humidity - and the many precipitations. The captivating landscape and environment are outstanding and you sure will have wonderful walking holidays when travelling to this island.


Sao Miguel, the capital island

Home to the biggest city of the Azores, the city of Santo Antao, which is actually the capital city of this Portuguese autonomous region. With the likes of the Lagoa das Siete Cidades, lagoa de Fodo and the lagoa Das Furnas, “the Green island” is a magnificent island of this archipelago. Being the biggest of the Azorean islands, this island has a lot to offer to hikes and walks lovers!

These are a few examples to what to expect in the Azores, however there are still 5 other islands to discover thanks to an Azores Walking tour