Azores walking tours

The Azores, archipelago of 9 islands in the Atlantic, are as unique as beautiful.That will make your Azores walking tour certainly one of the most complete and singular of your life: as there is a different environment, sandy and flat for some islands, or green and mountainous form others, you are sure to wander and explore, thanks to your Azores walking trip, an incredible variety of landscapes and cultures. Other than that, it is a walk in the colonial past of Portugal as you will walk some of the most ancient villages and towns that the first settlers in the Azores built with their very own hands: you are certain to feel like you are having several trips in one! 

During your Azores walking tour be sure to, if you choose a self-guided tour, be in safe hands: as we build and operate all our tours ourselves, our team of Track Finders, have travelled, explored and walked on the path that are written in our detailed roadbooks. Thanks to our 24/7 phone assistance, please do feel free to give us a call if you ever have a question or issue along the way of your walk. As we are an ATTA member, be sure that your Azores walking trip is a eco-friendly way to travel, that favours the local economy: at Intura, we will always favour local hotels and B&Bs rather than big international chains. A harmonious blend between slow tourism, exploration and green travel!!