Madeira walking holidays

Madeira, nicknamed “the Pearl of the Atlantic” and the "Flower island" is a stronghold name when it comes to walking holidays. One of the preferred walking destinations, because of its exceptional volcanic landscape, its emblematic levadas, small cliffside canals that provide water to the whole island, and its protected endemic vegetation, make this destination definitely top of your active holidays bucket list.

Our Madeira walking tour, guided or self-guided, will give you the chance to genuinely experience Madeira: from meeting locals, walking on the nicest paths and seeing incredible panoramas, experiencing a Madeira walking stay with Intura, one of the best walking adventures, off the beaten track! Travel safe and stress-free as you know that you are in safe hands.  

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Madeira walking: from Picos to Levadas trails
      • Portugal - Madeira
    • Self-guided
    • Walking
      • 8 days
      • From January to December
  •   Accommodation choice :

      • Comfort

Highlights of the trip

  • The most emblematic walks of the island of Madeira
  •  Discover the primary laurel forest, an UNESCO World Heritage site
  •  An itinerary alternating between Levada walks and mountain walks
  • 6 dinners included
  • Daily private transfers included

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Why is hiking in Madeira an amazing holiday experience?

Beautiful landscapes, perfect for hiking!

One of the greatest attractions of Madeira, if not the greatest, the natural beauty of this island makes this destination the perfect spot to enjoy some of the most beautiful walks and hikes on Earth! The sheer quaintness of the Laurissilva forest, that originates from the Tertiary era, thanks to its great forests has become a classified as “Total preservation area” of the Madeira Nature Reserve: its protects the endemic flora of this unique forest, considered for many as a living relic, but also the fauna, with also some unique species, unfortunately for some, on the brink of extinction.  The endemic flora is also a protected UNESCO Natural heritage of Great scientific value since 1999. High cliffs, such as the Faja dos Padres is also a must-see: a 250-metres-high cliff facing the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, a jaw-dropping view! 

Funchal, a walk in the Portuguese colonial past!

Funchal is the capital city of the Madeira: most populated city it will most certainly be there that you will land when travelling to this archipelago. Stretching from the beach up to the hills, this emblematic city is a harmonious mix between its rich colonial past with its current and modern life. With its many sites, such as the old town of Sé, the Sao Joao and the Sao Tiago fortresses, the Sao Lourenço Palace, the many Botanical Gardens and many more… the city is meant to be discovered by foot! A walk across this city will be both a great day out and a wonderful experience!

A hiker’s dream destination

Thanks to the wonderful landscapes, its hilly and mountainous topology and its many walkways and paths across the greenery such as the iconic Levadas – small canals that were used to gather the water dripping down the mountains to irrigate the fields of this island – this island is the perfect place to enjoy some of the nicest paths: accessible to all levels, discovering the island by foot will be a once-of-a-lifetime type of experience.