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Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
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Visit Portugal

Visit Portugal : A little bit of history

Located on the west of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal also comprises of Madeira and the archipelagos of the Azores. The first traces of Portuguese civilisation date back to the Palaeolithic era, 9th to 15th century BC and over the centuries, Portugal was invaded by many different people which today make for a rich and diverse culture. During the Iron Age, it was the invasion of the Celts that really boasted the country. The Celts were miners and farmers and so they dug the earth and found heavy metal and gold. Word spread and Portugal, despite not having one ship, soon became an important European port with Greek and Phoenician sailors stopping to trade.  

Portugal today

After a military coup in 1926 followed by 40 years of dictatorship under António de Oliveira Salazar, Portugal today, with its 10 million inhabitants, is a democratic country enjoying economic and social stability and has become a popular tourist destination for beach holidays and hiking trips.  

Holidays in Portugal

The Mediterranean climate, the beaches and the beautiful flora make Portugal an ideal destination for outdoor activities. Portuguese cuisine is also gaining a reputation with many variations on preparing and cooking fresh fish, seafood, pork and lamb. The signature dishes are salted cod and grilled sardines. Not forgetting of course, the famous Port.  

What to see in Portugal

Self guided walking holidays in Portugal

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal is a great walking holiday destination. The small hills and the cable car offer breath taking views of the city. It is said that the best way to discover Lisbon is to lose yourself in the stone paved streets and alleyways and our city trek itinerary allows you to do just that and also visit the interesting quarters of the city such as Baixa, Alfama, Bairrp Alto…. Our roadbook will also take you on a walking tour from the city centre to Belem, along the Tagus river.   

Portugal highlights

No trip to Portugal would be complete without experiencing an evening of Fado music. This traditional melancholy music sung by men and women accompanied by guitars and violins, tells of the woes and harsh realities of everyday life. Traditionally associated with pubs and cafés, it’s a great way to spend an evening.

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