Cape Verde walking trips

Archipelago located off the coasts of Africa, Cape Verde, also known as “Cabo Verde” should be on your bucket list when it comes down to a walking trip.

Our Cape Verde walking tours gives you an insight of the vast geological differences that you will come across of these droplets of earth in the infinite Atlantic Ocean. With terrains suitable for all levels, beautiful weather all year round and an unique history and culture, Cape Verde allows you to freely disconnect from your daily life to have a trip that you will remember for a very long time: from the volcanic Fogo to the flat and sandy Boa vista, Sal with its incredible beaches and turquoise blue water, Santiago and Santo Antao the most inhabited islands, you a certain to find everything that you are looking, on some of the best walking paths! Get a taste of its African culture, a harmonious mix of Afro-Portuguese influences, and of course a very marked identity that has certainly one of the most amazing musical culture, the Morna!

Indeed, Cape Verde was partly made famous by Cesaria Evora, nicknamed the “Barefoot Diva”, Cesaria is considered as the “Queen of Morna”, Morna being a music genre that originates from the Creole culture in Cape Verde. She first became famous in 1988 after the release of her album “La Diva aux pieds nus”. Her house, in Mindelo, has now become a museum. Get to understand this country thanks to one of our Cape Verde walking tours!