Corsica walking holiday : From the sea in Calvi to the Mountains in Corte
    • France - Corsica
    • 6 days
    • Walking
    • Self-guided
      • From April to October
    • 2 - 10 travellers
      • Simple
      • Comfort
      • Charming
      • Superior
      • Trip code : C1129

Corsica walking holiday : From the sea in Calvi to the Mountains in Corte - trip info

    . Passport with 6 months validity from the end of the stay is required.
    . For further Brexit travel advice, check here
    . We advise you to bring a photocopy of your original documents and keep them with you during your trip, separate to the original ones. 

    . No vaccination requirements
    . Health infrastructure is, of course, satisfactory everywhere, but the cost of care in some private facilities requires checking all the clauses of the insurance contract before departure.

    - You have the responsability to check what are the authorities request to leave your home country, and to get in your destination country. Some COVID info : 
    . France – Travel info here + here + here  
    . UK - Travel info PRO here  + Travel advice here  + here  + here
    . USA - Travel advisories here
    . Canada - Official Global Travel Advisories here
    . Autralia – Travel advice here

    . As you are travelling abroad, it is your responsibility to have an adequate valid travel insurance.
    . Bring a copy with you, and please forward us all information (company name, contract number, and international 7/7 assistance contact).

    Corsica has a Mediterranean climate - hot and dry in summer, mild and humid in winter - with a double influence of sea and mountains. While the heat can be strong in summer, temperatures are mild on the coast, and cooler in the mountains where thunderstorms can occur on the summits in summer. On the coast, you find extremely mild temperatures, a pronounced summer drought and moderate rainfall. All this changes quite quickly in the mountains with alpine influences, with greater temperature variations and abundant rainfall depending on the season. In the mountain areas - around Corte for example - the weather changes quickly. On the same day, and depending on the altitude, you can have beautiful sunshine and summer temperatures, but also snowstorms and freezing temperatures. Make sure to carry a minimum amount of stuff in your backpack to protect yourself from the cold or the sun!
    - Spring : In the mountains, it is a festival of flower blossoming, aparadise for hikers and cyclists ! Mild and cool temperature in the evening on the coast.
    - Summer : Corsica enjoys an exceptional climate, always rocked by a sea breeze, which allows you to take full advantage of the island's many assets.
    - Autumn : one of the best periods with Spring, far from the crowds, with a mild climate and beautiful sunny days. The sea is still warm.

    . France is on a 220 Volt system
    . We recommend checking if you require an adaptor for your electrical items HERE 

    . Contact your operator before leaving and check if you will be able to use your mobile phone abroad. 
    . A good option is to buy a “country Sim card” in a phone shop. It will cost you around 10€ / 15€ and will allow you to call local phone numbers with internet access

    . The currency is the €uro. Make sure to have some cash with you as there aren’t always ATM machines in small villages.
    . Tips are always included (different than in Canada and USA) but always appreciated..
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Corsica walking holiday : From the sea in Calvi to the Mountains in Corte
      • France - Corsica
      • 2 adults (2x580€)
      • 0 children (0x580€)
    • 6 days
    • Simple
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Deposit 3560€