Walking in the Dordogne : in the footsteps of prehistoric men
    • France - Dordogne
    • 6 days
    • Walking
    • Self-guided
      • From March to November
    • 2 - 10 travellers
      • Simple
      • Comfort
      • Charming
      • Superior
      • Trip code : D1105

Walking in the Dordogne : in the footsteps of prehistoric men - trip info

    . Passport with 6 months validity from the end of the stay is required.
    . For further Brexit travel advice, check here
    . We advise you to bring a photocopy of your original documents and keep them with you during your trip, separate to the original ones. 

    . No vaccination requirements
    . Health infrastructure is, of course, satisfactory everywhere, but the cost of care in some private facilities requires checking all the clauses of the insurance contract before departure.

    - You have the responsability to check what are the authorities request to leave your home country, and to get in your destination country. Some COVID info : 
    . France – Travel info here + here + here  
    . UK - Travel info PRO here  + Travel advice here  + here  + here
    . USA - Travel advisories here
    . Canada - Official Global Travel Advisories here
    . Autralia – Travel advice here

    . As you are travelling abroad, it is your responsibility to have an adequate valid travel insurance.
    . Bring a copy with you, and please forward us all information (company name, contract number, and international 7/7 assistance contact).

    With its oceanic climate and 200 days of sunshine a year, the Périgord is very pleasant in all seasons. There can be great variations in temperature depending on exposure and terrain - hilly or flat, open or wooded. The Périgord is in fact a land of transition between the temperate oceanic climate of Aquitaine and the semi-mountainous climate of the Massif Central.
    - Spring is a rainy period but with mild temperatures. It offers beautiful days and the colours are magnificent with all shades of green.
    - Summer is often dry and hot, with temperatures averaging between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius, but with occasional thunderstorms to cool the atmosphere.
    - The first part of autumn from September to October is a very pleasant season. The weather is mild with beautiful orange and purple colours: a good season for mushrooms, chestnuts and walnuts.
    - In winter, it remains fairly mild with some cold spells, but mainly mild due to the nearby Atlantic influence. Frost is possible but it rarely snows.

    . France is on a 220 Volt system
    . We recommend checking if you require an adaptor for your electrical items HERE 

    . Contact your operator before leaving and check if you will be able to use your mobile phone abroad. 
    . A good option is to buy a “country Sim card” in a phone shop. It will cost you around 10€ / 15€ and will allow you to call local phone numbers with internet access

    . The currency is the €uro. Make sure to have some cash with you as there aren’t always ATM machines in small villages.
    . Tips are always included (different than in Canada and USA) but always appreciated.
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Walking in the Dordogne : in the footsteps of prehistoric men
      • France - Dordogne
      • 2 adults (2x435€)
      • 0 children (0x435€)
    • 6 days
    • Simple
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Deposit 174€