Walking in Van Gogh's Provence: short and sweet
    • France - Provence
    • 5 days
    • Walking
    • Self-guided
      • From March to June
      • From September to November
    • 2 - 10 travellers
      • Simple
      • Comfort
      • Trip code : A1137

Walking in Van Gogh's Provence: short and sweet - guest reviews

Dan & Jessica - Oct 19

"We especially loved the extra loop of hiking on the first day. The mountains were beautiful and it was fun to follow the written directions. The towns were beautiful as well. We especially liked St. Remy. The only thing that was slightly unclear was the differentiation between "tricky" and "challenging." Although we figured out that tricky meant "unclear," while "challenging" meant "physically difficult," it might be helpful to clarify that in the book." 
Would you recommend us to your friends ? "Yes! We already have".

Penny & Paul - Sept 19

"There were times when we found the directions a little confusing. It would have been good to have a few more written signs and the coloured indications could also have been more frequent and in some cases more obvious ( in some instances they were easy to miss or partially occluded by foliage). This can be a little disconcerting when in unfamiliar territory. Maps were a good general guide and a help to confirm our position rather than dictate it. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the walking and seeing the country so closely and imbued the character. Les Baux de Provence was such a special and exhilarating experience. Loved all the extra informative little notes in the handbook. 

Highlights of the trip : The views from the crest of Les Alpilles, roaming the streets of the small towns and enjoying the cafe culture, swimming in the pool at Hotel du Soleil and enjoying wine and cheese at the poolside, exploring Les Baux de Provence and especially the feature on Van Gogh at Carrieres de Lumieres. The references to Van Gogh and old Roman influences and ruins were fascinating. Loved the local cheeses, wines and fruits. Exceptional holiday and experience for us both."

Margaret and Sharon from Collingwood - April 2018

"  The special highlights for us have been in the Alpilles mountains : les Baux de Provence & Mausanne & the lovely views on our walking ! It was a pleasure to work with you on this trip hiking in Provence."

Karen & Bruce - April 2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed the first day of riding. The second day had its challenges. I didn't mind the elevation as we just took our time. We found the accommodations perfect! I loved the charm of each place and the very warm reception we received. The restaurants were very nice. It was nice to experience local foods and french cooking. I loved the beauty of the rides. The bikes were excellent and Nadia was very quick to respond to any questions/concerns that I had. I would travel again with Walk Inn. The trip was seamless, very well done! Thank you for making this a trip of a lifetime.  All of the places we went and the people we me added to the experience and I would (and have already!) recommend your company to others! :) "

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Walking in Van Gogh's Provence: short and sweet
      • France - Provence
      • 2 adults (2x500€)
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    • 5 days
    • Simple
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