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Italy Lake Region: What are the most famous Villas that you can visit in the italian lake region?

A walk in the Italian romantism: discover by foot the most iconic Villas of the Italian lake region! 

When you think about the Italian lake region, you imagine a romantic, majestuous and unique walking destination. It is indeed very true! Probably one of the most majestic regions of Italy, the Lake region is the best place to enjoy a walk back in the Italian Age of Enlightenment, across some of the most amazing botanical gardens from which you can marvel at the architecture of these palaces, the lakeside villages and its incredible landscape! 

But, what are the most famous Villas in the Italian lake region, on Lake Como

These Villas are must-see when enjoying a walking tour in the Italy's lake district

The Villa Carlotta

This villa is named after its most famous resident, the Princess Charlotte of Prussia, who received the house from her Aunt as a wedding gift. This Neo-classical palace and its lush botanical garden is considered as one of the most sumptuous lakeside villa in the Italian lake region.

Built in 1690 as a secondary house for a rich banker from Milan, Giorgio Clerici. After being the property to several dynasties, Marianne of the Netherlands offered it to the Princess Charlotte of Prussia and Georg II Duke of Saxe-Meiningen. Their marriage would last only a few years as Charlotte tragically died due to childbirth complications.

Before belonging to the family of Sachsen Meiningen, Gian Battista Sommariva, one of the most important political figures in Italy, as he sieged in the government of the Cisalpine Republic, created by Napoleon. During his time in the Cisalpine government, he was able to accumulate a lot wealth and made most of the improvements to the Villa Carlotta: important art collector, he gathered many contemporary art masterpieces allowing him to open a museum in his lakeside villa. Undoubtably one of the most incredible and opulent lakeside villas, enjoying a walk around its botanical garden (8hectares) is definitely something to do when enjoying an Italy Lake region walking tour. Let yourself be amazed by the different ambiances of this incredible botanical garden, from the Terraced Italian gardens to the Bamboo garden without forgetting the “Old garden” and “theatre of Greenery” !  

The Villa Balbianello

Built for the Durini Cardinal, this perched lakeside villa is definitely a place to discover by foot: thanks to its rich historic interest and of course its amazing architecture. This villa become the home to a certain Guido Monzino, the first Italian climber to reach the summit of the Mount Everest and an avid traveller interested in the many cultures that can be seen across the globe. He brought back to the Villa Balbianello some incredible artworks that he found when walking across the earth. His collection allowed him to create a museum inside of the Villa del Balbianello: “The Museum of Expeditions”, the perfect way to get to understand the man and his epic adventures. Walking in its amazing garden, is a one of a kind experiences, as you may have an impression of déjà vu! A scene of the Star Wars saga (the “Attack of the clones”, episode II) was filmed there! An incredible villa surrounded by a lush greenery and panoramic terraces that will give some of the best views over the lake!

The Villa Melzi

This Neo-classical palace, built by the famous Giocondo Albertolli, an eminent architect, sculptor and artist of the 18 and 19th Century. The Palace was built for Francesco Melzi d’Eril, an important member of the Cisalpine and the first Republic of Italy, for which he was elected as Vice-President. Francesco Melzi D’Eril was one of the most influential man in Italy at the time and helped the country develop its administration during the brief period when he was Vice President. Wandering in its beautiful botanical garden is mesmerising and will allow you to enjoy both the architecture of this palace, discover a rich variety of flora, without mentioning the outstanding view that you will have over the lake and its surrounding landscape.

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