Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Experience local: An adventure on the best cycling roads !
Experience local: An adventure on the best hiking paths !

Walking level

A walking holiday suited to your level

Whether you are a casual Sunday stroller, an active weekly walker or a competitive hardcore hiker, we have the itinerary to suit you!
Walk at your own pace!

We grade our walks on 3 different levels

  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • and Challenging

Different walking levels 

EasyA walking holiday with just a little effort! 

  • The easy walks are a way for you to get some fresh air, see beautiful landscapes and discover places (cities, sites) on a relatively flat and smooth itinerary.
  • If you like to have the time to meander, take in the sights, and just generally take your time, then this is the level for you!
  • You will walk between 2 to 4 hours a day – 9 to 14 km (from 5.6 to 8.7miles) on an easy terrain. Average ascent / descent of 300 meters per walk (1300 feet)
    There may be some climbing up to perched villages and monuments,  but you do not need to be an athlete or a hard-core walker to complete these itineraries.

Moderate : A walking tour for the more sportier sort! 

  • This level is for people who exercise regularly (walking, cycling, aerobics…). You are in good shape and don’t mind scrambling a little bit to get to some stages of the itinerary.
  • For you, walking uphill at a slow pace for a relatively long period of time is not an issue and you enjoy going for day-long hikes.
  • You will walk over different types of terrains. There are no particular skills required as you will not encounter any technical difficulties, but some good reliable walking shoes are recommended.
  • When hiking , you will walk between 4 to 5 hours a day – 10 to 15 km (from 6.2 to 9.3miles) on a relatively easy terrain though you can expect some uneven or steep stages during your walk.
    Average ascent /descent of 300 to 650 meters per walk (1000 to 2140 feet)

Challenging : A walking tour for the serious hiker!  

  • You need to have a certain walking experience as you will most certainly have to negotiate tricky and technical stages with several different types of terrain; steep, challenging and frequently rocky.
  • You are in very good shape and exercise regularly.
  • Walking for several hours on an ascending path is not an issue for you. You will also need to be confident at orienteering and know how to read a map/use a compass.
  • You will walk between 4 to 7 hours – from 15 to 25 km (9,3 to 15.5 miles), on a difficult and uneven terrain. Average ascent / descent of 650 to 1150 meters per walk (2300 to 3800 feet)

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